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New data reveals Messi evolving into a beast

Messi is evolving into another beast entirely, it would appear, after the Argentinean genius’ pre-season figures revealed to Barcelona staff that he is, somehow, getting even better after returning from his post-season break ‘like a train’.

All Barcelona players are fitted with a GPS tracker during the summer friendlies and training sessions, with Messi producing his most impressive numbers to date during the Blaugrana’s tour of the United States.

And yesterday, Messi’s GPS device showed that the five time Ballon d’Or winner has smashed his previous records for number of kilometres run, acceleration, top speed, speed over 20 metres and aerobic capacity, among other categories in which each player is measured.

While the official data is kept confidential by the Catalan club, Sport have revealed from sources inside the club that Messi has returned to training in emphatic fashion, clearly enjoying a summer without the extra games associated with a major international tournament, like the previous three years.

One source told the Spanish daily, “He’s happy, he’s renewed his contract at Barcelona and he’s turned up at pre-season like a train”.

If Messi’s pre-season figures are anything to go by, next season could be the five time Ballon d’Or winner’s best yet. Frightening. Images: PA

Not only is the news of Messi’s renwed and improved energy and speed levels bad news for defenders everywhere, but it also means his Barcelona teammates may have to up their own games in order to keep up with their number 10.

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