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MEN: Simple ways you are making your woman cheat on you 

Never think for a moment that it is only when you physically abuse a woman that you maltreat her?

There are so many ways you can be maltreating your woman without your notice,  obvious ways we tend to overlook includes lack of care, not spending time with her, not fulfilling her sexual desires and so on.

The truth is that the more you maltreat her the more you show her the way to the arms of other men out there who are ready to give her what you deny her of. 

Many women can only endure hardship for a while, they can be manipulated easily, for this alone you as a man needs to constantly be up and doing.

You would never known how hard they try to resist the temptation that comes their way? Let me even put it this way; do you know how many men are dying to get just a minute of your womans time? and do you know there are those men dreaming to have your woman in their bed or those who say it to her that they are ready to give her whatever she want if she can grant them entry into her most sacred part.

I bet you, you wouldn’t know how much it hurts to see your woman moan in response to sexual pleasure under another man.

If she is trying all she can to resist the temptations staring at her face which other women out there cannot resist and you cannot still deem it fit to be all she deserves then you need to really check yourself.

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Every good woman deserves to be cared for and mostly should share little of your time with you.

This is why i usually say that even if you are as busy as the president of a state you should try to make out time to be with your woman.

Money isn’t everything you know? Apart from fulfilling your financial duties she also deserves to be cuddled and be listened to.

Remember that social networks now make it easier for you to get other people’s attention, don’t let the disadvantages of social media ruin your home as someone else might be giving her the attention she is lacking from you which might catapult to something deeper.

A woman who is shown care and all is still finding her way into other men’s arms let alone the one you are battering or not giving little of your time just to put smiles on her face.

The truth is that she will soon find a place to hide and it will be in the arms of another gentle man who knows the worth of a good woman.

The truth is that you are the one that will regret it as you will not find someone like her.

It is often said that only God is irreplaceable, humans can be replaced. I bet you, in this case when it gets to that stage when a good woman have to replace you with another man you will find her type to no avail.

Even when you cannot fulfil the financial needs of a woman but make up with care and affection she can see through your effort and in DJ Khaled’s voice,  she will be loyal 

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Women also understand situations most times but not when you want to take them for granted.

If you think you deserve to be happy in your home consider making her as happy as possible, cos your happiness as a man most times is always a function of the happiness of your woman and family 

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