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Bloody nationwide protest as Nigerian seek to bury APC over unseen president buhari 

The purported statement released on Sunday, by the Presidential Spokesman, Garba Shehu, quoting ailing President, Muhammadu Buhari, delivering a goodwill message to Nigerians, in an Eid-el-Fitri message, from his base in London, has sparked national outrage.

The President, had in the message appealed “to all Nigerians to avoid reckless statements, or actions against our fellow countrymen. We should all resolve to live in peace and unity in our great country, which is the envy of many less endowed nations.”

However, rather than the message dousing the tension orchestrated by Buhari’s long absence from the seat of power, it further drew the anger of many Nigerians, who attacked the President and his Aide, for keeping Nigerians in the dark, over the President’s exact whereabouts, and the true nature of his illness.

Nwanjeri Nonso, while commenting on Shehu’s message on the social media, asked: “From where did he send the message? We were told about memory loss, how come he remembered this. Oga Garba Shehu u can lieoooooo.”

Another anonymous source said: “APC gave us a President who is not available to do his work.”

Another Nigerian, Alvin Otutu, said: “Haba! Garba Shehu! We have only one Presidency, kindly shelve your selfishness and let that office prevail. When your Boss returns, and transmits a letter to NASS that he is ready to resume office, you can continue with your job, for now you should be on break. Walahi, I don’t know what about that office makes all of you loose your conscience.
Happy Eid Nigeria.”

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According to Monday Best: “Since Buhari is not around now, I think Garba Shehu and Femi should be relieved of their appointments, because they are busy doing nothing, which is a huge waste to tax payers money.”

Samuel Victor Onyekachi commented: “Are you sure he really said that, or it is just another of your endless trick… we have not still recovered from the trick you guys pulled when Osinbajo wanted to sign the 2017 budget….”

“Someone that mistook London for Sokoto, can’t remember to send these lies to Nigeria.”

“Buhari as presently reported, does not know his whereabouts, soon he will be smuggled in as usual.
Buhari didn’t send this message”, others attacked.

Victor Otumchere Nas said: “A President that has impaired memory is writing this. Let me keep my mouth shut before Dss will be looking for their ancestors.”

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