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Photos: violent side of “quiet” Lionel Messi

Football is a game of emotions with both fans, players, and coaches giving their all for their clubs.

But most times, such emotions could become trouble if not properly controlled.

And Lionel Messi among the countless number of players to have flared up during matches.

His recent clash with Manchester City coach Mikel Arteta is just one of many throughout his career.

While he his entertaining on the field, there’s also another side of Messi the fans would rather not see.

See some of his clashes over the years.

1. Messi vs Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa


Lets star with the picture above. Messi got angry when Roma defender Mapou said something offensive to him.
Both players exchanged heated words and Messi appeared to head-butt him. Both received yellow cards for their troubles.

2. Mess vs Pepe


As expected, Messi has also clashed with Real Madrid defender Pepe. The Portuguese hothead confronted Messi back in 2011 after Leo smashed the ball at the Madrid fans.

3. Mesi vs Wellignton.


This was Messi’s second clash with a Malaga player within six years. This time around, Wellington Oliveira was the player involved. Leo allegedly insulted him and Wellington reacted by grabbing his face and pushing him to the ground.

4. Messi vs Pau Lopez

Their clash took place in a Copa del Rey game after the goalkeeper’s stamp on Leo.

5. International troubles

Leo has also allowed his temper to flare while on international duty. This time, he reacted to a hard tackle on him by Bolivia’s player.

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