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Iphone palava!!! young lady arrested for blackmailing married lover

A 23-year-old Abuja-based lady, identified as Jessica, has been arrested for blackmailing a married lover of hers whom she filmed his nakedness after they had s3x in a hotel.


The lady, who said she just relocated to Abuja from Lagos and stays with her boyfriend at the Berger area of Abuja, said she took the step because she needed money to purchase an Iphone.
She confessed to the police interrogators that she had threatened to expose the video to the man’s wife, but that she had no intention of sending the video for public consumption online.

The light-skinned lady said the man, due to the threat, sent her the sum of N185,000.

Jesicca said she lied to the married lover that the phone was N220,000, while demanding for more N20,000 and threatening to expose the video if the man fails to comply.
She claimed her sister was diagnosed of kidney infection and needed more N50,000 from the man to help fund her medical bills.

She said she deleted the video, which according to her, shows the man’s private parts and face after she called him in the morning asking for the N50,000.
However, the man was said to have reported the incident to the police, who arrested the young lady.
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