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There should be Light at the end of the tunnel
But then there’s a tunnel at the end of the tunnel.
The darkness lingers.
From one stumbling block to another.

You want to hold on to hope
But Hope is the thinnest thread to hold
You decide to move forward
But your feet are weary from the many unfruitful steps you’ve taken.

Then joy departs and death comes to mind
Oh death, that tempting fool
Flooding your imaginations with a thousand reasons to part with life
You’re drawn by the allure of giving up

You take a step after another
A rope to your neck, an overdose of pills
You’ve found the perfect way to ‘rest in peace’
Look away now- there’s always a reason to hang on

Just when the caterpillar thought she was ugly, she became a butterfly
There’s that inner strength we all should exude.
Death is cheap, Suicide is for the weak
One more step, wholla, you’re there.

For anyone giving up, finding a reason to stay alive, love yourself. From thence comes your strength.

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