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The stigma continues-UAE to stop issuing visa to Nigerians

It is no news that the Nigerian image is far tarnished on the foreign scope. With former British prime minister labeling Nigeria as “fantastically corrupt”. The Nigerian president reiterated the matter further by saying “Nigerians are criminals” in one of his visits abroad.

To get issues worsened, indications have emerged that the authorities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have stopped issuing visas to Nigerians, following the stabbing of a police officer by a group of six boys. The incident which took place in Deira, the hub of business in Dubai, resulted in the massive arrest of blacks irrespective of their nationalities.

The officer was said to have died immediately from the injuries he sustained from the incident. A source who in the region during the incident, warned Nigerians to careful in order to avoid arrest. “Those of you have relatives in Dubai should be warned. The atmosphere is so hot especially for those without permit,” he said.

At a time when recession is still a painful ringer in the ears of Nigerians, things couldn’t have gotten worse. Dubai mostly has been a major destination for Nigerians doing business and holidays. We do hope the visa ban isn’t enacted.

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