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Nollywood actor in tears as he receives car gift from Abuja pastor

ayo-emmanuel-700x450Nollywood actor, Ayo Emmanuel, who mostly plays the Police role could not hold back his emotions as hr broke in tears after he received a brand new Peugeot 301 on Sunday, October 9, 2016 by Abuja philanthropic clergy, Bro Joshua Iginla, the car is reported to sot N4.5 million.

The prophet told him his problems were both spiritual and depression. Bro Joshua Iginla also said the criticisms he gets for assisting Nollywood stars were unfair as they weren’t the only set of people he renders assistance to.

He said, “It amazes me when people criticise the fact that I help the movie industry. I have given cars and financial assistance to the poor, needy, church members and aides but just a fraction to that industry as a means of encouraging them. Compare their lives to Hollywood stars and you will realize we don t really appreciate our own. I wept when Ayo Emmanuel sent me a text few weeks back that he was sick and need financial assistance. I wept because these are the people that makes us happy via home movies yet they live a pathetic life. It’s my personal money I used so I don’t see why people complain.”

He asked the actor if he had a car and when he said no that he had been coming to church with okada or joining church bus. The prophet then gave him a brand new silver coloured Peugeot 301 which he got at N4.5m just for him.
The actor, Ayo Emmanuel burst into tears.

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